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Blog What are USB Read and Write speeds?

It’s important to look for the Read and Write speeds of a USB when deciding on which model to purchase. But what are Read and Write speeds, and why are they so important?

The need for speed
Speed is a critical factor when choosing computer hardware, and Flash Drives are no different. Put simply, a ‘Read speed’ is how long it takes to open a file from your Flash Drive. A ‘Write speed’ is how long it takes to save something to that same Flash Drive.

Most reputable Flash Drives manufacturers will advertise their Read and Write speeds on their packaging or website. These units are advertised as megabytes per second. In other words, how quickly the Flash Drive can Read (open) or Write (save) the data per second.

What’s a good USB Read and Write speed?
All of our Flash Drive models are available in a USB 2.0 Connector option. And most of our models are also available in a USB 3.0 Connector option. Below is a guide of a good Read and Write speed for each USB Connector option.

USB 2.0:
Sequential read speed range = 10~25 MB/s
Sequential write speed range = 3~10 MB/s

USB 3.0:
Sequential read speed range = 60~150 MB/s
Sequential write speed range = 10~45 MB/s

What factors influence Read and Write speeds?
The most important factor is the internal parts of your Flash Drive. Here at Flashbay we use high-quality internal parts from first grade suppliers. Cheaper Flash Drives will use low-quality parts, and your Read and Write speeds will suffer.

Looking for more information?
Simply comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re looking for Branded Flash Drives you can view our range here. Fill out a Quick Quote form and we’ll send you prices, samples and branding options.

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